A grouping of gift ideas available at Interior Seed & Fertilizer in Cranbrook, BC

A Gift Guide for the Gardener, Grower, or Plant-o-holic!

In this post, you will find gift ideas for the gardening guru or the plant obsessed!

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An Amaryllis Barbados is pictured, featuring dark burgundy flower petals and yellow/green throat

How to Plant and Grow a Holiday Favourite: Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a longstanding holiday favourite throughout the generations. It is easy to grow, and is a bulb that can be stored and reused for years to come! A dazzling centerpiece or a fresh addition to an office desk, Amaryllis is the gift that keeps on… BLOOMING!

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A group of galric bulbs on display at Interior Seed and Fertilizer  Garden Centre in Cranbrook BC.

Let's Talk (and Plant!) Garlic

Everything you need to know about planting, growing, harvesting and storing garlic! Learn of the many health benefits as well as the various uses for garlic in the home garden, aside from eating it of course!

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A beautiful tropical houseplant is featured by Interior Seed & Fertilizer Garden Center in Cranbrook BC

The Best Houseplants for Beginners

Owning houseplants can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a living space, improve air quality, provide a calming hobby, and offer a rewarding sense of accomplishment as one nurtures a living thing and watches it grow.

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