I do not live in the Cranbrook or Kimberley area. Will you deliver to my area?

We are only deliver to areas directly around Cranbrook and Kimberley at this time, but we are more than happy to ship to you. Contact us at (250) 426-5347 or reception@intref.ca to learn more. 

How long does a new lawn take to establish?

Typically a new lawn will take 1 to 2 weeks to germinate and start to grow. Depending on the seed mix, you can expect 6 to 8 weeks for full turf establishment.

Which garden fertilizer should I use for my vegetable garden?

Different plants require amounts of nutrients so depending on what you plan on growing varies the application. We have a quick guild listed under Garden Info. 

Can I use water soluble fertilizer in my vegetable garden?

Yes. Water soluble fertilizer works well in gardens. The advantage of water soluble fertilizer is that it is immediately available for plant uptake and applications can be tailored to get the most out of your plants. The disadvantage to water soluble garden fertilizer is that it needs to be applied more frequently. 

Can I apply more fertilizer than stated on the label?

Yes. The application rate on the label is a guidelines to help provide safe fertilizing instructions for general use. Adding extra fertilizer will provide additional nutrients that will help plants grow larger, however do not add to much extra that causes burning of the plants/turf. If you do plan to add extra fertilizer you should water the fertilizer in so that it can dissolve into the soil.

When is the best time to fertilize my lawn?

The best time to fertilizer in the morning before a rain event. If that is not possible water your lawn after fertilizing to help get the fertilizer into the ground. This will help prevent burning and loss of nutrients to evaporation.

Which fertilizer should I use for my lawn?

If you have an existing lawn then we recommend either Premium Lawn or Premium Lawn +. They are the same high performing turf blend except that Premium Lawn + has iron in it. Iron works to create an even greener grass appearance. If you are starting a new lawn then we recommend Total Balance, as it will not burn the new seedlings.