IS&F Services

For more information on IS&F's service offering please call the office at (250) 426-5347 or email

Custom Seed Blending

IS&F can create and blend custom seed orders for all client needs. Typical applications include hay/pasture blends, reclamation blends, erosion blends, native seed blends and turf blends. 

Custom Fertilizer Blending

Interior Seed and Fertilizer has a blending facility capable of creating custom blends for all agricultural and reclamation applications. We can create custom solutions for your nutrient needs.

Fertilizer Spreading

IS&F has the equipment available to provide large and small scale fertilizer spreading for our clients. We offer agricultural fertilizer spreading with our fleet of floaters to efficiently and accurately spread fertilizer on all types of fields. IS&F also offers pull behind fertilizer spreaders for clients to rent.