A Gift Guide for the Gardener, Grower, or Plant-o-holic!

A grouping of gift ideas available at Interior Seed & Fertilizer in Cranbrook, BC

If you have a nature-loving friend or family member in your life, you can't go wrong in gifting from a garden centre! We've compiled a list of favourites directly from our brick & mortar to inspire you to tackle your shopping list!  You're sure to find something just right in our holiday gift guide. Find these items and more at the Interior Seed & Fertilizer Garden Centre in Cranbrook, BC!

A tiered display of tropical houseplants and ceramic pots showcased in the Cranbrook Garden Centre: Interior Seed & Fertilizer
Just a portion of the tropical plant selection available at Interior Seed & Fertilizer Garden Centre, Cranbrook, BC!

1. Amaryllis

The amaryllis is a holiday staple, and for good reason!  Large, magnificent blooms adorn long and lean stocks making a dazzling display, whether you choose an ornamental wax coated amaryllis bulb, or simply buy a loose bulb to pot up in potting mix adding your own personal touch. With blooms in many shapes, sizes, and colours, there is an amaryllis for every taste!

The budget friendly gift of an amaryllis is the gift that keeps on giving! These amazing bulbs can be stored for years to come, and your giftee will think of you with each and every bloom! 

Pictured: Pink Amaryllis “Sweet Star” 

Sweet Star Amaryllis pictured with large, bright pink blooms
Image from YouTulip UK
A wax bulb amaryllis is pictured on a table display, and another festive red variety with green and white centre  is pictured to the right of it.
Pictured: Jumbo Waxed Amaryllis & Amaryllis “Barbados”Available in-store at Interior Seed & Fertilizer Garden Centre, Cranbrook, BC

2.Decorative Pots

Decorative pots make a great gift, especially if they are loaded with other goodies, including an amaryllis bulb! Or, add a mix of other garden accessories, seed packets, garden gloves, and chocolates! Or maybe add items like rooting hormone for the friend who propagates every plant, or throw in some pest traps, plant ties, or fertilizers, to show your plant-y friend you've put thought into every detail - a gift every gardener and houseplant owner will need at some point in their hobby!

A blue, patterned ceramic pot is
A small selection of the ceramic pots available at Interior Seed & Fertilizer Garden Centre!

3. Mushroom Growing Kit

What's better than the gift of growing itself?! Gifting these mushroom kits is sure to satisfy the urge to grow, and they're a fun family experiment that will likely thrill the little ones! 

These nutritious, tasty gourmet mushroom kits include everything you need to grow mushrooms in as little as 14 days! Each box will provide a minimum of two good-sized harvests. Mushroom kits are great fun for kids as they enjoy watching these fungi flourish before their very eyes. And adults are no exception! Choose a variety that works for beginners, intermediate or advanced growers, and maybe take one home for yourself!

A growing block of Oyster Mushrooms sits next to its product packaging, available at Interior Seed & Fertilizer
Image from Happy Caps

Microgreen Growing Kit

Micro greens are the best gift for the gardener who needs to grow year round! A delicious mix of pea shoots, sunflower sprouts or spicy mustards is sure to do the trick! Go the extra mile and grab them a seed tray or sprouting jar so they have everything they need to get started. Premium growing mix is also available in store, as well as plant labels, for that final touch. Want to take it to the next level? Grab a Sunblaster grow light for the ultimate grow station!

Microgreens are an awesome addition to soup, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and more! Learn more about the benefits of microgreens and why they make an awesome gift!

Pictured here:  Radish Micro Greens under a Sunblaster Grow Light, also available in store!

5. Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Garden Decor

Perhaps the gardeners in your life already have every tool, trick, and product they could possibly need in their potting shed? Why not surprise them with the gift of a stunning garden ornament to add to the ambience of their summer happy place! 

These decorative garden pieces are hand made using recycled metals which only get more special in time. Designed to achieve a weathered, rustic look with age, these pieces make an excellent addition to the overall garden aesthetic. From tall stakes, to small pieces perfect for garden nooks or table-toppers, these one of a kind works of art from My Garden Creations will delight in the quaintest of gardens or outdoor spaces. There is much more to choose from in store, a truly unique and unexpected gift! 

A display of metal garden art at Interior Seed & Fertilizer Garden Center in Cranbrook BC
Interior Seed & Fertilizer Garden Centre at 4500 Mennie Rd., Cranbrook BC

6. Bird Feeders

A bird-watcher's best friend might just be a bird feeder! Help attract beautiful feathered friends for the birder on your list with this unique gift! We have an array of options specifically suited to local species of the Kootenay Region, and our garden centre associates will be happy to help you choose the right bird seed to go with it! Not to mention, Interior Seed & Fertilizer has a Frequent Buyer Bird Seed Program which can lead to some really great rewards in-store!

Pictured: Pine Bush Suet Block Feeder, available in store at Interior Seed & Fertilizer

A wooden birdfeeder that holds suet blocks on each side hangs from a tree

7. Gift Certificate

Gift-giving can be tricky, and if you are short on time or not sure what your friend already has or doesn't have for their hobby, cover all your bases and go with a gift certificate! The best part? They can choose to wait until spring to shop from our selection of trees, shrubs, bulbs, premium soils & more! 

Give the gift of a head start on acquiring all their growing & garden needs for the season. 

An Interior Seed & Fertilizer gift certificate is pictured with two peppermint candy canes
Available in store at Interior Seed & Fertilizer

This holiday inspired gift guide is just a small taste of some of our favourite gift ideas! Pay us a visit and view all of this and MORE in store. Whether you are seeking a rare tropical plant or growing materials like top of the line grow lights, garden gloves, or potting mixes, we have you covered. We'll help you find every accessory to help your garden and houseplant hobby succeed! 

A summary graphic of the holiday gift guide showing a few pieces of the above list in one image
Visit us in store, we'd love to help you find the perfect gift! Interior Seed & Fertililzer located at 4500 Mennie Rd. Cranbrook, BC.

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